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Teku Symbol Tutorial

Another tutorial for you guys, this time just the symbol on the front of the car. Swiftdrift made the original, I simply copied it & then made this tutorial after a few requests.

- NFSKJG “Teku crew leader” Out


My video on how I put together the N.O.S. design on the GT-R in Need for Speed World. This is just a re-application of the vinyl design. Shapes have been manipulated to make the lettering. 

Apr 8


Here’s how you can play NFSW when chat hacker is crashing-spamming the game!
A quick fix found by Jussi, the Moderator over at the NFS forums.

Apr 6

I quick tutorial showing how to do the TEKU Car design. All rights to this design go to our former leader, HYDRAZERO

- NFSKJG “Teku crew leader” Out